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About To Move House? Guarantee the Return of Your Deposit with an W10 End of Tenancy Cleaning Kensington


pre tenancy cleaning w11 When you move out of rented accommodation, your top priority should always be to leave it in totally immaculate condition. This serves an important function, in that it ensures that you’ll get your deposit back in full from your landlord, and secures you a sterling subsequent reference from your landlord which means you’ll be able to rent again elsewhere. It’s also just good manners, and a highly courteous thing to do, which means future occupants will move into somewhere immaculate. However, a major move to a new location can be hectic and protracted enough a process without the added stress of having to return your lodging to its former glory. For a demanding task such as this, it makes sense to outsource the responsibility (and worry) to a professional end of tenancy cleaning company W10 – and that’s where Kensington Cleaners comes in. A little expenditure on a professional end of tenancy cleaning Kensington can make all the difference when it comes to getting your full deposit back, and if you enlist our company to conduct your end of tenancy clean W11, you’ll certainly end up paying less than you’d think! We are based in Kensington, but offer end of tenancy cleaning services to every part of London. Simply give us a call on Call Now!, and we’ll be over whenever it suits you!

You Are in Need of Expert End Of Tensncy Cleaning in Kensington?


We start the end of tenancy cleaning Kensington process by making a list of what you will be leaving behind when you move. As we compile your record, we operate under the principle that we’re new tenants, and consider whether and which areas we would feel needed a clean if we’d just moved in. Whilst most rental contracts make allowances for wear and tear, it’s best to leave your former lodging in the best condition possible, and there’s a fine line between reasonable tarnish and unsightly depreciation which is going to skim money off your deposit.  This means not leaving anything behind that wasn’t there when you moved in, and making sure that every surface is dust-free.

end of tenancy cleaning w10 One of the trickiest things for tenants to remove are posters or artwork they’ve hung on the walls. Whilst they’re easy to take off, they can often leave unsightly marks and blemishes on walls – especially if you’ve used selotape. However, we insist on using the finest cleaning products to specifically remove those stubborn stains – we only use branded accessories which will be kind on your walls and surfaces, but tough on discolouration. The products and techniques we employ are also great for leaving your bathroom and kitchen fixtures looking sparkling – glimmering silver fixtures are the icing on the cake when you move into a new home, as are sinks and bathtubs you can see your face in, so we pay them special attention, and ensure they shine. We also employ top of the range W10 cleaning technology to ensure floors and carpeting gets the care they deserve.

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Here at Kensington Cleaners, we’re so positive that you’ll be so delighted with our Kensington cleaning services W11 that you’ll be giving us a call the next time you’re preparing to move to a new home! Why not drop us a line today, and sit back whilst we provide you with the best end of tenancy cleaning service W11 in Kensington, and make your former home the best it can be, ensuring the safe return of your deposit in the process. Call us now on Call Now! for a free quote, and start finalising your move!

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