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Customer reviews and satisfaction are extremly important to us
    Your provided cleaner is simply the best.  
Lorraine. S20/06/2024
    Remarkably thorough in their efforts and equally friendly. I would recommend Kensington Cleaning Company without hesitation.  
Jack B.10/06/2024
    Really content with the efficient and lovely cleaner provided. She manages everything perfectly. Thank you.  
    Thank goodness for your phenomenal and dependable cleaning services, they make all the difference!  
A. Atkinson 17/05/2024
    My sincere gratitude to the cleaners for their meticulous work, they have truly gone above and beyond to make my place sparkle. Many thanks.  
    I had a flawless experience working with Cleaners, thanks to their superb service.  
Alicia Stone 11/03/2024
    Highly recommend Cleaners Kensington's cleaning services to anyone searching for a reliable and skilled cleaner - they won't disappoint!  
Kate W.01/03/2024
    Look no further than this team for top-class service.  
    I can't thank Cleaners Kensington enough for their hard work and dedication in making my carpets look flawless again.  
Christiana Mowrey09/02/2024
    Swift and dependable cleaning service delivered by a trustworthy cleaner, with excellent customer assistance.  
Millie 30/01/2024
    The work of the cleaning staff was immense - it was incredible! Moreover, their professionalism and friendliness made it all the better.   
A. Hall 25/10/2023
    After my dad who is senile acquired a new lavatory we recruited this business for an intensive clean - brilliant service at affordable rates plus everything handled through SMS confirmations as well!   
Callum Lewis 26/07/2023
    Magnificent work done by KensingtonCleaners with regards to my upholstery cleaning needs. Invited them into my house many times and all experiences have been amazing - absolutely recommendable!  
L. Kent23/02/2023
    I was delighted by how thoroughly KensingtonCleaners cleaned an old lady's two bedroom home that was about to be sold. They arrived when expected and put in an incredible amount of effort throughout the entire day which resulted in the house looking much fresher after their work was done. If you need an excellent cleaning company then I would urge you to go with KensingtonCleaners.   
    Sometimes, you must call in the professionals. We were starting to drown in clutter. Calling Cleaners Kensington to use their home cleaning services saved our lives. We now have a neat and orderly home that's easy to move around.  
D. Jarvis28/06/2017
    I would give Cleaning Services Kensington the full five stars. They give me everything I need - a good, friendly service with high quality results. These are professional cleaning technicians that get the job done - no matter how big or small it is. They can give you a free quote too, which is super helpful!   
Phoebe Campbell15/03/2016
    Having a medical condition that sapped all my energy meant that energy was in limited supply. Cleaning was a true chore so hiring someone to help me was a blessing. I am thankful and my house is clean! Thank you Cleaners!  
Eve H.01/12/2015
    I needed someone to clean my elderly father's house locally and I had heard of Cleaning Services Kensington before which is why I chose to call them first. I had always heard great things about their cleaning services and also their prices. I was delighted with the quote and my father is happy to have all his cleaning done for him now. It's a great weight off my mind too.   
Amanda Froggett 14/07/2015
    My job is very demanding and all I want to do is come home and sleep. I barely have the time to cook and cleaning is totally out of the question. However, my cousin recommended me an amazing cleaning company called Cleaning Services Kensington. Everything about them was super professional and they always amaze me with their experience. I am one happy customer.  
    With a family to look after, a job that eats up most of my week, and with a home to clean and tidy every week, I was beginning to lose the plot! I knew something had to be done, so I looked into local cleaning companies that could help me out. Being on a budget meant that I was worried about hiring help, but KensingtonCleaners give me a great service for a great price. Very professional, always reliable, and my cleaners always leave everything looking impossibly perfect! A fantastic service that I couldn't do without!  
Heather T.29/01/2015
    I always hated upholstery cleaning. My furniture would get dirty quickly, it would take a while to do and it needed special care. I'd got sick of this chore so I sought after some help. KensingtonCleaners were who I hired and I'm glad I did. Their expert cleaning staff came to my address and saw to all my upholstery. They washed it, removed crumbs and stains and repaired any minor problems. My settees look better than ever and I will hire them the second they start to become dirty again.  
Jamie McCormick18/12/2014
    I have KensingtonCleaners over to my house to clean every week and so far, I am greatly pleased with their service. Their cleaners are always on time and they have taken excellent care of my furniture and hardwood floors. Even though they are at least eight years old, they are still smooth, shiny and extremely clean. I love that they have the knowledge to remove all kinds of stains because that give me the freedom to enjoy my life and house as I want. The best thing about them is that their services are extremely cheap!  
Fred P.04/12/2014
    I use KensingtonCleaners for my hard floor cleaning throughout the house. I only need it done once in a while but when it comes up I always call on them. Since I started using them they have proven themselves to be reliable, careful and extremely thorough in every element of their work and I am always happy to recommend them to anyone I know who needs a hard floor of any kind cleaned. I hope to use them for other types of cleaning in the future and I am sure they will amaze me then too! What a great service they provide!  
Jessica J.09/10/2014
    After holding the reception for my wedding at my mother's home in the country, I knew that there was no way we could clear up a mess for 200 people on our own. Luckily, we had KensingtonCleaners on hand to help us with the mammoth clear up task. The service they provided was to such a high standard, it was almost as if we hadn't had a party there at all! I'm so impressed by the level of commitment and drive they showed when cleaning and ordering the marquee, they will definitely be on speed dial for after the next party!  
E. Max04/09/2014
    I was away a lot with work, and on my return the last thing I wanted to do was the house work. My dad had used a local cleaning company for a while so I decided to give them a try. KensingtonCleaners were great to deal with from the beginning, with friendly and helpful staff who arranged everything from the meeting to discuss my requests to paying the bill. I booked a home clean and had two great cleaning ladies arrive with stacks of tools and cleaning products. They covered every little detail in my house including dusting wardrobe tops, light fittings, skirting boards were washed. The result was amazing, everything was spotless.  
Warren Lech24/07/2014
    I'm really happy to have finally found the carpet cleaning service that I've always wanted! I get my carpets cleaned professional every so often, but although every service I've used has been quite good, only KensingtonCleaners have managed to blow me away with their great cleaners and cleaning prowess! My carpets smell great, look great and even some of the stains that have sullied them for years are lifting and disappearing! I couldn't be happier with what is a truly professional and reliable cleaning service and I'm so pleased to have found my Holy Grail cleaning company! Thanks so much!  
Sam Ashton08/07/2014
    I cannot express how impressed I was with KensingtonCleaners's cleaners. I hired them for help around my house and each person who has assisted me has been friendly, professional and toothy. Each one dedicated themselves to the job, used the best techniques and equipment, and got things done quickly. I have enjoyed having them in my home and the results they provide are amazing. I even have no problems leaving them alone in the house while I see to chores, knowing that when I get home, my house will be spotless. I cannot suggest enough, that everyone get in touch with them.  
Leo B.20/06/2014
    Give the rate at which prices for everything seems to go up in recent years, I am impressed by how low the cleaning rates are with KensingtonCleaners. I have been using them for a couple of years, but they have never put their charges up, whereas my plumber has gone up, and even the electrician that I have always used has raised his prices! If anyone out there is in need of a great cleaning company to get the job done for a great price, then give them a call, as they are fantastic quality and great value, end of.  
Marie W.14/05/2014
    Great team and fantastic value for money for this service. My apartment was looking a little worse for wear and my day that I had set aside for cleaning suddenly had to be rearranged. With no solution in sight I took the plunge and called KensingtonCleaners to clean everything from top to bottom. I cannot fault them in any way it was a great service that they provided with a smile. Superb attitude and work ethic, reliable and on time, all cleaners were in uniform and professionally trained in all forms of house cleaning and they could perform great stain removal work.  
Niall P.08/04/2014
    My husband and I are both professional dentists, which means that we are always out, either at work or at training courses. Our home gets neglected quite a lot which is why we decided to hire a cleaning company. Our first couple of experiences were not great since things were stolen, work wasn't completed and fees were out of this world. So when we hired KensingtonCleaners, we were absolutely delighted. Cleaners were honest, trustworthy and very professional. We felt very comfortable having them in our home and this is why we have continued to use them. Prices were great too so that was an added bonus!  
Maria Barlow27/03/2014
    There are a great many ways in which I have found a cleaning company to be less than excellent. With KensingtonCleaners however, none of them have occurred yet. If you are the kind of person who enjoys a good service form a hard working team, then these are the cleaners for you. Alongside that, there is a great relief in hearing that their prices are incredibly competitive, so the whole thing is a bit of a no brainer really! If you are after a no nonsense cleaning team who will give you a good clean for a better price, then you are in luck with this lot!  
Chad Ward05/03/2014
    Working with KensingtonCleaners to provide professional office cleaning services was a great decision. I heard excellent reviews from a friend and decided to hire them to provide routine office cleaning. I was a little sceptical at first because I have a large office space and needed truly diligent and efficient office cleaning. They proved to be a reliable service, capable of thorough cleaning. They provide cleaning on a routine basis for me as I was so impressed with their quality and affordability. I recommend this cleaning team highly!  
Agnes N.18/02/2014
    Given that there are so many cleaning companies out there, it is difficult to know who to use for your end of tenancy cleaning. I found that I was lucky in that I had used KensingtonCleaners before, and therefore knew them to be good at their work. So, now that you have my recommendation, you don't need to spend time wading through adverts and getting quotes from various companies, as you know that this lost will be great right off the bat!   
Teresa Peterson07/01/2014
    These guys really know what makes good service! I just had to leave feedback, my husband and I were so impressed with everything. We didn't really like the idea of having a cleaner at first, but Linda (our cleaner) was so nice, attentive and above all did a superb job. I just cannot fault her or the service the staff on the end of the phone provide. Everyone at KensingtonCleaners is helpful and accommodating of our needs, and we now love having a cleaner, especially the extra free time it give us!  
Mrs. Moore28/11/2013
    I have been using KensingtonCleaners for ages, and reckon that they are by far the best cleaning company that I have come across. If you need a reliable team to get your house looking as good as new, then you need to hire these guys. They ensure that you always have a cleaner on the day, as they have a large staff. This is way better for me than the private cleaning system that I used to use, where all I got was excuses and pathetic reasons as to why they could not come in on certain days. G with the best and you will get the best as far as I'm concerned!  
Elissa Beamer13/11/2013
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