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How To Remove Stains From Carpets 04 July 2014
How To Remove Stains From Carpets

Having stains on your carpets can make your home appear unclean and uncared for, which is definitely something that you want to avoid! Unfortunately, removing stains from your carpets isn’t always an easy task. If you want to have the cleanest carpets possible and remove stains from your floors then just follow these simple and easy stain removal tips!1)    Act quickly.The secret to stain removal is to act as quickly as is possible. When a spillage happens you need to react fast so that the stain doesn’t have any time to set. Get a bowl of warm and clean water, a sponge and a cleaning agent of your choice – as long as it’s suitable for use on carpets! The longer it takes you to react to a forming stain, the harder the stain will be to remove, so don’t take your time when a potential stain happens! 2)    Have the right instruments.A sponge or clean cloth are great items to use when dealing with carpet stains. You’ll also need a bowl of clean warm water and a cleaning agent. Don’t use boiling water or overly-heated water to remove stains – this is a common mistake! Lots of people think boiling water is great for killing bacteria and lifting stains, but although the former may be true, boiling water can actually help to set stains, making them nearly impossible to remove! 3)    Using the right technique.Once you have your cleaning items to hand it’s time to remove that stain! Never scrub or rub at the forming stain as this can help it to spread and help it sink deeper into the fibres of your carpets. Instead blot gently at the stain with your damp sponge or cloth. You should see a different without using a cleaning agent, but one will probably be necessary for those extra-tough stains. 4)    Using eco-friendly cleaning products.Once the stain has been dabbed with clean warm water you can use your cleaning product. It’s a great idea to use eco-friendly cleaning products on your carpets as they’re much less likely to cause any damage when compared to chemical stain removers. Try filling a plastic spray bottle with lemon juice or white vinegar. Spray a little onto the sponge, dampen it again with the water and continue to blot the stain. The natural antibacterial properties of white vinegar and lemon make them great choices for carpet stain removers, and using lemon will also leave your carpets smelling fresh too! Once this is done, go back to blotting the stain with clean warm water to ensure there is no product left in your carpets. 5)    Using chemical cleaning products.Particularly stubborn or old stains might not react to eco-friendly cleaning agents and might need something a little stronger. Try using a stain removal product designed specifically for carpets. These chemical products can make a huge difference to your carpets, but be aware that the bleach and other chemicals used might be harmful to the fibres of your floor. Always test chemical products on an unnoticeable patch of carpet so that you know you won’t be worsening the stain by using a harsh product! 6)    Keeping your carpets free from stains.Keep your carpets stain-free by using a carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaners can get deep into the fibres of your carpets to lift dirt and grime in moments. There’s nothing that can compare to a deep carpet cleanse, so make the investment for your home!

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