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Hard Floor Cleaning - Top Tips For Tiles 10 September 2014
Hard Floor Cleaning - Top Tips For Tiles

Tiled floors make the perfect addition to any home; they are practical, easy to clean and ideal for households with kids and pets. As much as we love our tiled floors they do require a little maintaining because they can get dirty extremely easily.Offering the tiled floor a little sprucing up is sure to make a difference to the appearance of your home. Everybody notices a freshly cleaned tiled floor and vice versa if it’s not cleaned often enough it will be strikingly noticeable that it’s in desperate need of urgent TLC.So, how do we keep on top of the tiled floor cleaning routine, what should we use and how should we do it? Let’s find out.Step 1; Sweep Before we do anything else to our tiled flooring we should we begin by removing dust and debris, if this is not done and you go straight to mopping you may push dirt into the edges of the tiles creating a black outer line around the edges, this will make the tiles appear dirty and will be hard to remove.Start by sweeping or hovering, sweeping is fine but hovering works slightly better because it can suck all loose debris which may already be trapped in the cracks between the tiles. Step 2; determine a suitable method for your tile surfaceTiles come in all shapes and forms as well as different variations and material. Cleaning should be ideal for the type of tile you have at home. For instance natural stone tiles and luxurious options such as marble or travertine should be carefully cleaned using a product specifically designed for that type of material.Ceramic tiling is the most common type of tile that many people have, they are cheaper to buy, easier to lay and a doddle to care for. Ceramic rarely require any specific type of cleaner to clean them and you may be able to use anything you like to mop these tiles. The only thing to aware of is the colour and pattern of the tile because striking shades and designs are at risk of fading if strong detergents are used often.Step 3; cleaning solutionTo break down the grime on tiles and that which has settled within the grout it’s better to use an alkaline based product. You can find many alkaline based floor cleaning products at most stores nationwide. Always follow the diluting instructions on the label of the product and use only hot water to make it up. Allow the mop to soak in the solution for about five minutes before cleaning begins, this will allow the mixture to thoroughly mix together whilst the temperature slightly cools.Step 4; what behind the dirt?Believe it or not, this is a really important step. Not all dirt and grime is the same and therefore not all can be cleaned using the same solution, for instance are you Tackling grease and grime, soap scum, mould and damp or general day to day foot print marks?General Day to day dirt can be cleaned up rather easily with anything but for particularly greasy areas you may require a degreasing product like a disinfectant or a gel cleaner. If you are cleaning bathrooms with soap scum or mouldy damp areas you may need a soap scum remover.Top tips-For stubborn areas of grime, try using a scrubbing brush to lift the dirt from the tile surface and then continue with regular mopping afterwards.Sometimes no amount of cleaning can remove dirt from grout and a grout cleaner may be required to bring it back to life, it’s a quick fix but offers impressive results and will not be needed often.

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